iPhone battery drain issue after ios 6 upgrade

I noticed that after an upgrade to ios 6 on my iPhone that my phone battery was draining real fast.  A full charge would take much longer and it drained completely in less than 3 hours whether I used the phone or not.
After some research, I found that too many users are having the same issues and many had posted their experiences; successful or not.  I decided to follow the advice of the user from this post and I’m pleased to say that my iPhone is behaving normally once again.

DISCLAIMER: If you lose anything in and about your phone, including but not limited to the phone’s content, settings, service, paint, cover, charger, I won’t be responsible for it.  If you are remotely unsure about what’s going on here, get out.

Now, I’ll list the steps I took in solving this issue on my phone:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and therefore iTunes
  2. Back up iPhone
  3. Make a list of apps on your phone that you use/need (I just went to each screen and saved screen print as an image (by pressing both power and navigation buttons at the same time))
  4. Backup data for your favorite apps using iExplorer  (This would be a “just-in-case” step, you will not need to manually restore data for each app).
  5. MOST IMPORTANT: Copy out all your photos/videos at this point.  If you have video/picture syncs turned on in iTunes then you should be ok but it never hurts to make an extra backup, manually.

To continue with complete phone wipe and restoration:

  1. Go to General->Reset->Erase All Content and Settings
  2. Once the phone turns on, pick ‘As a new phone’
  3. Next we will restore your phone settings and your app content so before we do a phone restore, install, manually, all the apps whose content or settings you want restored.  You’d be the best judge of that.
  4. Connect your phone to iTunes now and run restore

Depending on your situation you may or may not have to copy some additional content back into your phone but if you took the pain to backup, you should have everything you need to restore.  If you install an app later on and find you want it’s settings restored, iTunes may not be much help at that point since after restore it overwrites your backup with newly restored phone so use the individual app data/settings backups that you did using iExplore to restore those settings.


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